-What is the process of moving my car like?

Once you quote online or by phone we proceed to generate the shipping order for your vehicle.

As soon as we receive your quote, one of our representatives will contact you to determine the date and time of pick up. Your vehicle will be picked up the day before, the day after or the day requested depending on the availability of the trucks.

The driver collecting your vehicle will contact you directly when your pick up date approaches. At the time of pick up, an inspection of the vehicle will be made by the driver. Both you and the driver will sign the inspection and Bill of Lading and receive a copy for your records.

In the same manner, the driver will contact you when the date of delivery of the vehicle approaches. At the time of delivery the driver will inspect the vehicle again.

The driver will take every precaution to transport and deliver the vehicle without incident. If any damage occurs you should report the damage in the document that the driver provides to you (Bill of Lading) which must be signed by both parties in order to process any claim.

Remember, in order to process a claim by the insurance company the driver must receive payment at the time of delivery and the damage must be noted and signed on the Bill of Lading at the time of delivery.

We recommend taking pictures at the time of pickup and delivery of the vehicle. Damages are events that rarely occur.

-Where will the vehicle will be picked up?

We offer door to door service, which means that your vehicle will be picked up at the indicated location and delivered at the delivery address indicated at the time of your booking confirmation.

There are very narrow streets and condominiums where it is not possible for the truck to enter in order to pick up / deliver the vehicle. In these cases the driver will contact you directly to arrange a pick up / delivery.

-Do I have to be present when my vehicle is picked up and delivered?

We recommend that you or a person you designate is present both in the pickup and delivery of the vehicle, this is very important in order to sign vehicle inspection both at pickup and delivery.

-What type of truck will transport my vehicle?

In most cases your vehicle will be transported in a special truck for transporting vehicles carrying 8 to 10 vehicles. This is the same type of trailer used by car dealerships to transport new vehicles.

Cases occur in which the place of delivery or pickup is unfit to enter a truck of this size. In these cases, the driver will pickup / deliver the vehicle with a smaller truck.

-Can I put things inside my vehicle?

You are only allowed to place a few personal items in the trunk of your vehicle with a maximum weight of 120 pounds. Remember that items placed inside the vehicle are not insured and claims can’t be generated for items sent within the vehicle.

As carriers of vehicles we are governed by Federal Law and are not allowed to transport any goods other than vehicles.

-What is included in the price?

The price includes all costs. Loading, unloading, transport, fuel, tolls, insurance and taxes.